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New Trends in Publishing Seminar

Location : London

Book Industry Communication – New Trends In Publishing Seminar

bic_seminar_london_29_july_2013Date: Monday 29 July
Venue: The Stationers’ & Newspaper Makers’ Company, 09.30-2pm

BIC’s annual New Trends Seminar provides an insight to the latest and hottest innovations and changes in the industry. As the forward facing supply chain event of the calendar year, the New Trends in Publishing Seminar brings together speakers from all corners of the industry, and this year is no different.Read more

Debate with Boualem Sansal, Martin Schulz, a.o

Location: Brussels, Centre for Fine Arts / Hall M

Co-production Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels e.V.

boualem_sansalBy the time the Algerian writer Boualem Sansal was awarded the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade in the autumn of 2011, the elation generated by the Arab Spring had already given way, in at least some Arab countries, to a certain disillusionment. The period has, nonetheless, changed how power is exercised in that part of the world and has led to an increased awareness within society of political issues. Following readings of extracts from his novels, Boualem Sansal and the President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, will discuss lost opportunities, the responsibility of Europe, and the prospects for other moves towards democratisation in Arab societies.Read more

EIBF Business Dinner at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Wednesday, 12 October 2011 – 7:30pm – 10:00pm

Location:  Marriott Hotel, Frankfurt

small_michael_buschThe key note speaker was Michael Busch, CEO of Thalia, the German bookselling chain who gave a presentation “The Book Market – Child of the Revolution”.

Mr Busch, born in 1964, is Director of the Books division at DOUGLAS HOLDING AG since 1993. Since January 2003 he has been Director of the Books division at DOUGLAS Group.

Members who took part in the dinner can get  the PPT presented (except Thalia’s) on request to thesecretariat.

Read more

EBF-IBF Annual Spring Conference 2010 – Brussels/Antwerp

Brussels, 18th June 2010 – 45 Booksellers and representatives of Booksellers’ Associations’ from the 5 continents met during the past 2 days in Brussels to discuss trends in the book industry, to exchange views on the adaptations made necessary by digitisation, to hear how other industries were coping with new business models and to learn how to play an active role in the EU decision-making process.

This year’s EBF-IBF Annual Conference “Breaking the rules to survive” took place partly in Brussels, at the heart of the European quarter, and partly in Antwerp. The event was co-organised by the European and International Booksellers Federations and by the Flemish Booksellers Association, Member of Prior to the conference, our Flemish colleagues had also hosted the International Congress of Young Booksellers (ICYB), a 3-day workshop, which attracted young booksellers from all over Europe. The Annual Conference opened with a joint EBF/IBF/ICYB welcome dinner, a unique occasion for over 70 booksellers and representatives to meet, mingle and network. Read more

EBF-IBF Annual Spring Conference 2009 – New York

Location: New York

“Let’s stay positive” was the theme of the opening address of the EBF President introducing the 2008 Annual Report, and on this key note the conference addressed the challenges the book trade is currently facing. Recognising the immense value of learning from each others’ experience and sharing knowledge, the booksellers were eager to listen to the presentations on the most significant trends currently defining the American book
market. Digitization was the central theme of the conference and the insights provided by Len Vlahos, Chief Program Officer of the American Booksellers Association, Mark Nelson, Digital Content Strategist for the National Association of College Stores and Michael Smith, Executive Director of the International Digital Publishing Forum all underlined the importance for booksellers of embracing the digital challenge and turning from brick-and mortar to “brick and click” bookstores.
Impressive and inspiring for EBF and IBF conference participants was also the presentation on the multiple and far-reaching actions of the Indiebound programme launched by the American Booksellers Association last year, which offers to ABA members a vast range of promotional material to stress the vital importance for local communities of independent and locally-owned bookstores.Read more

EBF-IBF Annual Spring Conference 2008 – Amsterdam

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Booksellers on learning trip to the Netherlands

Booksellers from around the world gathered between 11 and 14 June 2008 in Amsterdam to attend the joint annual conference of the European and the  International Booksellers Association.
Under the theme of “From Basic to Virtual Bookselling”, the conference addressed the challenges the book trade is currently facing and the need for booksellers to adapt to changing business models and increased digitization. Some of the seminars and working sessions took place at the Centraal Boekhuis, a book distribution facility jointly run by booksellers and publishers, which stocks around 40 million books and also provides its customers with a whole range of ancillary information and logistic and financial services.Read more