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Press Release of B.A. UK & Ireland on DRM

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The Booksellers Association has spoken out on the issue of e-books, DRM and a healthy marketplace, following the launch of a lawsuit by independent booksellers in the US.

Three US independents have launched a case against Amazon and the six major publishers, claiming the use of DRM on the publishers’ e-books is specifically designed to limit the use of digital content to Kindle devices.

“The vast majority of readers who wish to read an e-book published by the Big Six will purchase the e-book from Amazon,” the filing stated, calling it “unreasonable restraint of trade and commerce in the market for e-books”.Read more

World Book Capital 2014

Decision of the Selection Committee

unesco_portharcourtThe Selection Committee of the World Book Capital 2014, made up of the representatives of the International publishers Association (IPA), the International Booksellers Federation (IBF), the International Federation of Library associations and Institutions (IFLA) and UNESCO, met on 5 July 2012 under the chair of Alexis Krikorian (IPA), in order to examine the applications for the nomination of the World Book Capital 2014, in accordance with Resolution 31 C/29, adopted by the UNESCO General Conference on 2 November 2001.

The city of Port Harcourt (Nigeria) was nominated as World Book Capital 2014 on account of the quality of tis programme, in particular its focus on youth, and the impact it will have on improving Nigeria’s culture of books, reading, writing and publishin to improve literacy rates.




Ari Doeser received the Donner Prize 2012

On Monday 21st of May, Ari Doeser outgoing  Director of the Royal Dutch Booksellers Association (Koninklijke Boekverkopersbond),  outgoing Member of the board of EBF and IBF, received the prestigious Donner Prize 2012.

This Prize is awarded every five years to a personality who proved outstanding dedication to  the book sector in the Netherlands.

Ari Doeser was selected  in reason of his long and successful career as  Director and Member of the Board of the Dutch BA, the Dutch book token association and the Service and consultancy office for bookshops, and for his commitment  to the book sector as a whole.

The Donner Prize was created by the Dutch Booksellers Association to celebrate its 50th anniversary
and in memory of Jan Hendrik Donner who was the first president of the BA.




EBF supports the ACTA treaty

Over the past two weeks, we have seen coordinated attacks on democratic institutions such as the European
Parliament and national governments. As companies, associations and citizens, we stand against such attempts to silence democratic institutions. Instead, we call for a calm and reasoned assessment of facts instead of misinformation.  This considerate reaction is more important than ever at times when many
outside of Europe doubt the ability of the European Union institutions and its Member State governments to act together. Read more

Press Release from our member in the UK and Ireland


BA urges government action to protect bookshops

04.10.11 | Lisa Campbell

High street bookshops need help from the government if their presence there is to continue, the c.e.o. of the Booksellers Association has said.

Tim Godfray called on the government to give rate relief to businesses with a cultural and educational value to maintain independent bookshops on high streets and protect “the wellbeing of society”. He also called on publishers to do more to support bricks and mortar booksellers.

Read more

Nielsen special offer to EBF and IBF Full and Associate Members

Nielsen Book is a key supplier to booksellers around the world providing one consistent source of data for English-language books. The  range of information services that Nielsen offers is :

  • Search and select new and backlist titles quickly and easily
  • Enhance their website and/or internal system with accurate and enriched data
  • Order directly from publishers/distributors to improve work processes and speed up order turnaround
  • Use objective sales information (UK sales only) to inform business decisions.

Attached is a flyer outlining a special offer for our BookData Online service. If you require any further information or would like a quantity of flyers please email:

This offer expires on 30 September 2011

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