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Presentations made at the EIBF Conference in Frankfurt, 12/10/2016

The second edition of the EIBF conference “Creative and Innovative Solutions by Bookshops and Booksellers Associations” took place in Frankfurt on 12.10.2017 and gathered a total of about 60 participants. This year again, many fascinating presentations were made and a wide range of topics was covered.

You can find the slides of all these presentations in PDF format below:

  1. Susanne König’s Keynote (USA),
    Executive Director of “Powerhouse” and “Powerhouse on 8th”, Recipient of the Bookseller Prize of the German Book Office New York
  2. The best things I have done in my bookshop
    1. Pierre Coursières (France), CEO of “Le Furet du Nord”
    2. Daniel Lager (Germany), owner of “Bücherstube Fuhlsbüttel” and “Bücherstube am Kronstieg”
    3. Jane Streeter (UK), owner of the “Bookcase”, past President of the Booksellers Association of the UK & Irelan
    1. The best things my Booksellers Association has done

      1. Sveinung Råmundal (Norway), owner of “Kviteseid Bookshop”, Board member of the Norwegian Booksellers Association
      2. Nadezhda Mikhaylova (Russia), General Director of “Moscow Book House”, President of the Association of Book Distributors of Independent States
      3. Joel Becker (Australia), CEO of the Australian Booksellers Association – video presentation
      4. Jakub Petr (Czech Republic), owner of “Knihkupectiví Papyrus”, Czech Booksellers & Publishers Association
      5. Mats Ahlström (Sweden), owner of “Djursholms Bokhandel”, President of the Swedish Booksellers Association